Mailelani Products Australia

Natural Body Care Products, Handmade in the Islands of Samoa

About Us

In this fast-paced, complicated world we live in, sometimes all you need is something simple for your skin. Mailelani Natural Body Care products are as simple and efficient as they can get.

From Samoa, a small island in the South Pacific Ocean (think The Rock), Mailelani Body Care products are handmade with cold-pressed, organic coconut oil and other exotic ingredients like Tamanu Oil, Avocado Oil, Fresh Papaya Juice, Cacao Paste etc... a real tropical smoothie for your skin.

Mailelani is a friend to nature, committed to sustainable development, employment and quality. Our treasure from the heart of Polynesia to yours.

Benefits of Mailelani Body Care include, but are not limited to:

* Relieves styes and cold sores (Tumeric Balm)                  

* Prevents Nappy Rash (Coconut Oil & Tumeric Balm)

* Relieves cough and chest discomfort (Tumeric Balm)

* Helps relieve acne/eczema/psoriasis (All)

* Anti-inflammatory for the relief of sore joints and swelling arthritis (Tumeric Balm)

* Helps reduce Fungal issues and infection (Coconut Oil,Soap and Tumeric Balm)

* Helps to heal extremely dry/cracked skin/prevents hands from cracking (Coconut Oil & Tumeric Balm)

* Helps to heal scarring (Coconut Oil & Tumeric)

* Natural anti-aging (All)

* Reduces the appearance of wrinkles (Coconut Oil & Tumeric Balm)

* Reduces sagging of skin (Coconut Oil, Soap and Tumeric Balm)

* Keeps skin supple and prevents dryness (Coconut Oil & Tumeric Balm)

* Helps remove warts (TumericBalm)

* Relief from sunburn and itching (Coconut Oil,Lotion & Tumeric Balm)

* Helps to heal from bruises and scratches (Coconut Oil, Lotion & Tumeric Balm)

* Excelllent hydration, easily absorbed and doesn't leave a greasy coat (Coconut Oil & Lotion)

* A safe, effective moisturizerfor all skin types with no adverse side effects (Coconut Oil & Lotion)

* Protection against stretch marks, gentle effective makeup removal (Coconut Oil & Lotion)

* Coconut oil also clean, nourishes, protects and beautifies your hair!

Not forgetting that your skin feels, healthy, hydrated, supple and so very SOFT!